Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Saltwater Trip *Updated*

Austin and his fellow ensigns are in Norfolk this week calling this ship home:


This is the USS Ashland and is currently anchored at Little Creek Amphibious Base. Austin's entire class at Supply School headed up to take residence on this luxury liner while they tour other types of ships and typical supply operations to prepare them for embarking on their careers.
I heard from him last night and it seems that he is having a great time seeing all of the ships and his rack (bed) is not too bad...he even has waterfront property! (There is a leak dripping into a bucket less than 6 inches from his head)
In all seriousness he does seem to be learning quite a lot. They will be heading back here on Friday and since his 85 person class could not ascertain military transport on a plane back to Athens, they will be on a Greyhound. 
Welcome to the Navy! :)
Greyhound it is! They are on their way and are anticipating a 10 hour trip. 



HA! The leak, the Greyhound... it's too much!

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