Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know I am, er, about 5 days late on this one, but I thought I could give a general update as my blogging -- at least on this blog -- has been so slack as of late.

We were lucky to spend some time in Wisconsin over Christmas with my family, though a good portion of the time was spent devoted to wedding planning, rather than relaxing. We did manage to find about 6 straight hours on Christmas day, however to play Rock Band 2 with my brother and sister, so don't feel too sorry for us.

The long trip back began Sunday the 28th and we got in around 4am on Monday the 29th...Austin had to check back in on Tuesday, so we were trying to give him some time to recover from 17ish hours in the car.

Since we have been back, it has been back to normal for Austin; serving watches, checking in regularly, and hanging out reading and watching TV the rest of the time.

I, on the other hand have been studying for comprehensive exams, or feeling guilty about not studying for comps when I am not. The test is next Monday, all day long. Pray for me.

New Years Eve was QUITE the experience. We headed in to Atlanta to meet up with the Deans, planning on going to the Peach Drop, much like the NYC ball, but we are in Georgia, so it is a peach. Seriously.

Anywho, we headed in to Atlanta, went out for a lovely,wine soaked dinner, breezed by Darren's parent's New Years Party and ran off to catch the MARTA to get to the drop as by this time htere would be no parking downtown. We barely made it downtown in time, but got to experience quite a bit of camaraderie on the way downtown with the people in our MARTA car...unfortunately not the same could be said for our ride home, but more on that later...

We witnessed the drop itself, chanting out the countdown and blowing on party favors provided by a gracious girl standing next to us. The we turned and ran back to the MARTA to beat the huge crowds trying to get on our train and successfully maneuvered onto what we were sure was going to be a vary uneventful ride back to the Dean's to play some Wii Fit and hit the hay.

Well, we underestimated the 'serenity' of the MARTA. (for those of you familiar with the system, you know I impart a little sarcasm here)

Right away when we got on the train, two very inebriated, and eyebrow raising individuals came onto the train screaming "Happy F*ing New Years!" (lovely for all of the families on board, let me assure you.)

Within a few stops, the man from one couple and the man from the other couple begins screaming at one another, because apparently, one guy - we will call him Mullet, spit in the face of the woman sitting with the other - we will call him Red Face Guy.

As the voices get louder and more people start looking, all of a sudden Mullet and Red Face Guy are throwing punches and ripping at each others clothes and hair in the aisle, which is right where our entire party was sitting. At this point the train is still full of people sitting, like us, and standing in the aisles, so people are jumping out of the way and trying to cram into space that does not exist to get out of the way of flailing arms.

Red Face Guy starts beating Mullet's head into a chair, and then two bigger guys from the train (Mullet and RFG were pretty large themselves) pull them apart. (Meanwhile Austin has jumped in front of me and dragged me to an empty spot in the back of the car, as far as he could get me away while I stared in amazement - seriously, I haven't seen a fight like that since middle school.)

Mullet and RFG, though separated now by a few people keep throwing insults, or rather Mullet keeps throwing insults at RFG, who shakes his head incredulously. RFG's girl, the one who had been spit on, at one point yells out,"Mullet! [not his real name] Sit down and stop acting like a Jerry Springer Redneck!"

Which was, I am sorry to say, entirely accurate. Most of us thought the fight was over, but THEN Mullet starts throwing insults at his own girl when she tells him to sit down, telling her that she is going to "get it when she gets home."

Humanity at its best, people, humanity at its best.

Then she gets offended and starts sauntering towards him in her midriff bearing sweater, jeans, and high heeled boots. Before we know it, she has kicked him in the face and we were off again. People again jumped in and passengers used the call button on the back of the train to warn the driver of what was going on.

Within a few stops we all managed to persuade Mullet to get off the train, but then he mysteriously appeared again, started another scuffle, and then was arrested at our next stop.

Thank goodness no bystanders were hurt, and looking back it is easy now to see the humor in it...Austin of course saw the humor right away, and I had to implore him to stop laughing so that he would not be the next one kicked in the face, haha.

But all in all, it makes for a memorable start to the New Year, and we still had a better time than a worse one :)

I hope all of your New Years were as memorable!



That's freaking hilarious! I could absolutely envision it! LOL!

Adam and Jessica

WOW! Quite eventful! Love the nicknames...and what a site to see I'm sure.

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