Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Babies, babies, babies {Update 1.26.09}

There has been so much awesome news coming our way about the progeny of our friends!

First, little Miss Emma arrived on January 20th! We have yet to see a phones could help this situation people...I kid! I kid! I am sure they have many more important things to worry about :)

I am sure that she is just as beautiful as her gorgeous mommy.

Second, Dan and Lisa found out the sex of their twins! I am not going to reveal it here, as they may want to do that themselves {though it is killing the small "get the scoop" journalist part of me. very small ;)} Weare so excited for you both!!!!!

Lately it has seemed as though everyone we know is having some sort of baby news. The amount of sorority sisters that are pregnant or are new mommies is amazing to me! I love buying all the cute stuff for other people, but when and if we move back to Norfolk {the chances of that are pretty good} I will stick to bottled water thankyouverymuch ;)

If we do end up back in Hampton Roads, feel free to call if you need a sitter <3

Update: For pictures of baby Emma click here, and click here for the big reveal of the Maz twins!


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