Thursday, September 4, 2008

Break from the Recap

Ok so...I know I have been a HUGE slacker lately regarding the blog, but in my defense...things have been busy at the Brawford/Gage household, at least for me.

Austin on the other hand has been able to go check in every morning and then return home to play with the Wii and dog...those are your taxpayer dollars at work! Today however, he is transitioning from O-Harping to being a Stash Officer at the Supply School...what this means is that now he will be on rotation for watches, etc. and doing a bit more work, but all right here in Athens.

He has had a stream of OCS buddies coming through town, which has been fun...especially since he has someone to relive stories with! Connor, who stayed with us while he was in town, will be moving in next weekend to his apartment here in Athens and Hayes will be moving down the weekend after. Austin is pretty excited about having some buddies in town.

Other than that, things have been rolling right along...I have allotted time for tomorrow morning for mass updates to the blog, so look out. :)

In the mean time, here are the new additions to the blogroll...the lovely blogs of three people I have been pestering to start them for a long while and who are now kicking my butt at the updating game:

  1. Tricia: one of the lovely interns from Madison this summer who is now enjoying life in the Student Affairs program at the University of South Carolina...check her out at
  2. The Hrudowskys: my lovely grand big sis from ZTA Michelle who is married to Nick and just had a little girl, Blair, in June. They live in VA Beach...check them out at
  3. The Rollands: my uber lovely big sister from ZTA Diana who is married to Allen and is expecting her little girl, Emma Grace, in January. They live in Morganton, NC...check them out at


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