Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cross Country Adventure Recap Part 3: Private Commissioning Ceremony

At 6:45 in the morning on Friday we were all present and accounted for in the Commander's Office for a private commissioning.

This meant that Austin and three other candidates were being sworn in in a special ceremony prior to graduation by a member of their family or someone special to them who was in the military as well. They were nice enough to have donuts and coffee for the families, with all the little creamers in the shape of an anchor...which I don't think anyone got a picture of, but was cute nonetheless.

It was a pretty small space and all of the families were trying to take pictures but there were some cute ones taken anyways, and it was the first time we all saw Austin in his dress whites!
Then it was into the CDR's office for some speeches by Darryl and tears shed by all.

Then he swore Austin in, gave him one of his Second Lieutenant bars, which Austin can wear as an Ensign...they are the same ones his dad was commissioned in...(awwwww)...we took enough pictures to annoy the CDR and have him ask us politely to leave and were on our way for the next part of the day: Official Graduation!


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