Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cross Country Adventure Recap Part 2: Hi Moms

Thursday night we headed to the Officer's Club on base and attended a dinner known as "Hi Moms"

Why? well, because it is generally the first chance to say hi to the moms in town...They are so creative in the military aren't they?

Leslie, Haley and Justin were not flying in until later, so they couldn't attend, but the rest of us had quite a time. I forgot my camera for the evening, so all picture credits go to Lori and Emily!

So Excited!
Proud, proud, proud
 Serious Talks

 So happy!
Emily and I
The Captain's, whose name I cannot remember, speaking about how great the candidates are.
Class Officers and DI...he made such a nice speech, and then all of a sudden yelled something and this is what happened...
 Push ups. For real. My reaction?
"What the h is going on right now?" 
It was in this moment that I realized why OCS had never occurred to me as a career move. We left the evening pretty soon there after to look at boats in the Marina and turn into bed early to get a jump start the next morning for graduation...we had to be there at 6:45...Get Excited!


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