Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cross Country Adventure Recap Part 8: NC fly by and back to Athens

Luckily for me, my sorority big sister and husband live just a little off of the direct route from Virgina to Athens!!

They are always gracious enough to let this crazy rag tag band breeze through their impeccable household, and typically provide us with an awesome home cooked meal and a lot of relaxation.

The big news this time though was that my big sis is going to be a mommy!!!

While I had known about this since I was in Wisconsin...I had yet to see her baby bump! Here are some very forced photos in the morning before she headed to work for your enjoyment :)

Aren't they precious??? ;)

I know she will LOVE me for posting these...but hey...for posterity's sake I owed this to y'

Her blog is over on the blog roll if you would like to check out some more up to date pics as she is now halfway through her pregnancy with her daughter, Emma Grace!

So that's that! The cross country recap!!! woooooooo!

You can probably still expect some retro posting to catch up but at least this series is over...phew!


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