Saturday, March 6, 2010

Too Blue

We recently decided to go ahead and paint our living room. We bought a green couch around Christmas time and green couch + green walls = one unhappy Courtney.

The color was great, and we kept it in the dining room, but it just wasn't different enough from our couch color to keep in the living room. We searched and searched for a color that we liked and would tie in how we wanted.

We finally settled on Ralph Lauren "Spa" which is very close to this image of Glidden "Tropical Surf"

So, we set out and started taping and painting the room. Throughout we kind of looked at each other and said, "Hmm"

It ended up looking like this:

{Bingley has no comment, so long as we don't move his chair}

Not bad, but not what we were looking for. When we saw the color originally, we thought it had great grey undertones, but in our room it came out a little more aqua. We have lived with it for a few days and looked at each other last night and both said, "Nope."

I think this color would be great for a little boy's room, but not for our living room. We will be hitting the drawing boards again and going for a richer, more soothing grey-blue. All in all it didn't take us long to paint (one evening after work) and a can of paint is around 20 bucks, so it's not the end of the world.

We did hit a great note with another RL color though, up in the 'Man Room'. The color is "Toast" {who gets to come up with paint names anyway?}. Photos to come.



Blues can be tough to work with, I think. The rooms looks different than when you bought it! You guys are doing a great job!!! When's the housewarming, or did I miss it!? Good to see you bloggin' again!

Megan My Dear

i love that shade of blue.


Cola - we haven't had one yet! Time has gotten away from us, but we are thinking of doiing a combo celebration for Austin's Birthday and having the house (semi) done in April! You will definitely get the invite.

Meg - we loved it too, but we need something just a touch grayer to flow into the dining room which is green. Sad faces.

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