Monday, March 22, 2010

A note on productivity

It seems that I am way more productive when Austin is gone than I am when he is home.

I think that this is because he is not around to distract me. Let's face it, when he and I are both home together, we would rather be having fun than doing projects, and it is only if I am adamant about getting something done that I usually win out.

He thinks that I am more productive while he is away because it gives my self-admitted procrastinator self some deadlines for the first time outside of an educational setting.

Either way - I am more productive when he is gone. The fact that my parents are coming on Wednesday may have also had something to do with the whirlwind of project-ing and cleaning I have found myself in over the last two weeks.

In that time I have:

  • Painted our downstairs bath "Washington Square" by Ralph Lauren. Look it up. It's a super dark purple. Don't freak out, it looks totally glam and fabulous.
  • Touched up the 'man room', hung curtains and bought a rug.
  • Repainted the Living Room in "Offshore mist" by Behr. A slightly greyer blue than what we ended up with before.
  • Bought new pillow covers from PB for the hideous pillows that came with our couch.
  • Bought and planted 4 new tea olives and a bunch of yellow pansies in front of our porch - (and mulched, go me).
  • Cleaned the winter dirt off of all of our front porch furniture and bought fab new outdoor pillows from Target.
Clearly I have done various other things in this time (like taking care of three dogs) and yet my whole to-do list is not checked off yet, but we are getting there! When I have time, I will post lovely photos of all these projects (and of the whole house in general. Until then, know that I am working away.



I can't wait to see all the changes, especially the purple bathroom!

Megan My Dear



Yay Courtney!!! I can't wait to see it!! Have a great time with your parents!


Awww... you fixed up the "man room" just for me?! How thoughtful! :P See you tomorrow sis!

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