Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Georgia on My Mind...

I have been feeling pretty nostalgic lately for the good ol' state of Georgia, more specifically for Athens. Maybe it is the cold here (it never seemed this cold in least in my memories). Or maybe it is the fact that friends that I used to get to see every day by default are now flung about the country, but today has been especially winsome.

So, I bring you "Things I miss about Athens":

  • All the cute boutiques with all the cute dresses a girl could ever want
  • Getting to wear dresses all the time because it never got really cold
  • Barberitos, Taqueria del Sol, and Agua Linda. I could rotate Mexican restaurants every day and still feel like I was eating different food.
  • Cookies and Co. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yum.
  • Walking the campus of UGA and knowing that so much history had happened there
  • My students, friends and colleagues!
  • Wait for it - class. I know, I never thought I would miss class either, but I do! If I could sit around and talk all day with people that diverse and smart and awesome again, my life would be awesome. If we got paid. I still don't miss homework though.

Ok, whew. Just had to get that out of my system. I do love being back here in Hampton Roads and more specifically in Norfolk, (being back here with more financial assets than I had in college is's like a whole new city!) but Athens will always hold a super special place in my our hearts.


Megan My Dear

awwww!!! Well, here are some things I miss about courtney: the "mom" look she would give when others were being wacky and weird, crafts and martha-y projects, chick-flick-y fun times. That's just a few!

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