Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: A year in review

2009 was a huge year for us! Let's review, shall we?


I started really worrying about my comprehensive exams...

but then I passed! (so did Kat and Kari, the most awesome study partners ever.) Austin started class at Supply School and met some great guys who would be our groomsmen a few months later. Annnd, one of my best friends, Diana, had her beautiful baby girl - Emma Grace - who I got to meet in...


What a cutie.


We got 6 inches of snow in Athens! Craziness abounded as people in cars such as Honda Civics tried to drive through 6 inches of snow on unplowed and unsalted/sanded roads. Two days later it was 76 degrees, all the snow melted and the drought was almost cured!


April was crazy. We found out that Austin would be stationed on the Arleigh Burke, and that we would be headed back to Norfolk, VA. Grad school and supply school were wrapping up and wedding plans were right on track...until the last day of the month, when all went awry.

We found out that Austin would be deploying and all of a sudden our lives were really accelerated.


I graduated.

Ashley graduated.

And Austin graduated. and I went to Wisconsin to re-plan our wedding in one month as we decided to move it from July 17 to June 12.


We got married. People came. It was awesome.

Then, from June 12-30 we:  left Wisconsin, and left Athens, and arrived in Norfolk. And then we house shopped, and found one, and put in an offer, and it was accepted. And then Austin went to Helo School and then we waited to find out when he would go. And then...


Austin left for deployment and to see the world. He went all over the place. The Seychelles, Kenya, all sorts of little islands, South Africa, Spain, etc, etc, etc.

I pretty much hung out with friends in Norfolk and started job searching...and counted down to our end of August closing on the house.


Ash, Bings and I moved into the house, with plenty of help from friends and family.

Ashley started grad school.


Was filled with house projects. It was my goal to have the whole house as done as possible before Austin came home. Painting, installing ceiling fans (with help from Justin and Haley), mowing my first lawn, unpacking, getting rid of boxes...whew.


Austin came home! Best day in a long time.

We carved, pumpkins, celebrated Halloween and had an awesome week off together.
Oh yeah and I got a job!


We started work and caught up with life. Thanksgiving came and we spent it with family - I baked pies.


First Christmas in our new home.

So, 2009 was intense. To think that a year ago I was worrying about comps is a crazy realization of how much has happened this year! We are excited about 2010 though - a honeymoon (finally), a trip to Europe with our best friends, Harry Potter World!, maybe a new puppy and no deployments! (knock on wood).

Happy New Year!


Adam and Jessica

YAY What a year!! You have accomplished so much, the both of you. I am so excited to see what 2010 has for your family and to be apart of some of the new memories to our TRIP!! I may have to do a post like this...I REALLY like it!

♥ Kat ♥

This just made me realize how quickly 2009 passed by. Some of those things still seem so recent. I think I'm just in denial that I don't get to see you and Austin every day while eating

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