Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poll Results and List Details...

Well, the poll results I think reflect the personal vendettas - rephrase: agendas?desires? ha!

70% of people, or 14, of our friends and family voted that we go to Norfolk, with Italy coming in second and then San Diego. {I voted for Italy...sadly, there wasn't even a billet available there...next time!}

Go figure, but Austin and I concurred with the majority! We/He ranked all Norfolk slots on the billet list! {ship platforms; Cruisers, DDGs, LHD, and Carriers...it may mean something to you military folk}

As a first tour, we figure that it would be nice to have a support network in place for us {read: me, when Austin deploys for 6 months and we have no children to divert my attention from the fact that he is gone...}

In the "comment" section we composed the following statement:

"I am planning to be married on July 17, 2009. These platforms are my preference, but it is of great importance to me -- and my fiancee -- that the ship I am assigned to will not deploy until after this date. Any effort to match accordingly will be greatly appreciated. Thank You."

I say anyone with a heart will do with they can, Austin says I am 'soft' from working with student affairs/'feelings'-type people.

Truly, I wanted to add a section saying that if familial support is integral to the success of the Navy, they had better not make his future wife's first feelings about the Navy be that of bitterness and resentment for killing her plans for this wedding...Austin thought that wasn't 'professional'...whatevs.

We shall see...we shall see...



good luck!


I voted for Italy, too.....but it was truly because I thought it would be more fun than Norfolk and it's where I would want to go...

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