Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Bings!

Yes, I know...everyone is waiting for news on the list. Rest assured - when we have news, you will too! {he turns in the list tomorrow morning and we will find out on Friday}.

So to focus on more fun {and less anxiety-ridden} topics...

Yesterday was Bingley's 2nd Birthday!

Just a little under two years ago we brought home this little thing...

...who grew into this


We decided to make his birthday a little fun this year since he spent his first birthday at a boarder's while we were in Charleston for the wedding of the Deans {Happy Anniversary Guys!!!} 

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day, so we went for a nice long walk - and then we went a little over into the line of 'those people'. 


We baked our dog a cake. 

It's true.


Apparently it is not that uncommon, as when I googled "Birthday Cake for Dogs" this one came right up. I had all of the ingredients so we figured, hey - why not?

We stuck in some dog biscuits like candles and set him down for some pictures. We did not - I repeat, did not - sing Happy Birthday. It was hilarious to watch, so I will give you the story in photos.

 Hey Guys, is that for me?

Really? Can I have it? Please?


 um, please?
After he finished he passed right out in what we are pretty sure was a food coma. Cheers!



i would have sang happy birthday!!!

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