Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Italy Trip - Florence (the end)

After our big day of vino, we headed back to Florence just to relax and have some fun. We explored the streets and grabbed some dinner when we happened upon a street performer!

We headed home (back to the hotel) and got up excited for our last day in Florence. We had all morning to explore and have some fun before our reserved time at the Uffizi, so explore we did.

Drinking in the streets? Sure, why not?

Through bad Italian, and Jessica's awesome ESL skills, we hunted out a place that Lisa's mom had recommended to us with gorgeous views...as it was on top of a department store. All we had to go on was "It's by the Duomo, and it's on the roof of a department store" - but, we found it! and it was awesome!

Then, after lunch, somehow we got it in our heads we wanted to head to the gold district...

See those girls to the right? Headed straight for the jewelry shops on the Ponte Vecchio? They may look familiar...

Husbands, waiting patiently outside...

All the girls with all our pretty finds...

After all that exhausting shopping, we headed back to the hotel to break open our leftover wine from our tasting - Andre sent it all home with us! We filled up some paper cups and headed to the Uffizi!

They don't allow photos inside, but we took these when we stopped at the cafe for some cafe.

We wrapped up our last night in Florence with a diner at a friend-recommended restaurant, Za Za (watch out for that website, the guy is speaking Italian!)

Then we grabbed some gelato (a nightly occurrence)

...and ended the night with some limoncello-induced fist-pumping.

The next morning we bid adieu to Florence and headed to Venice...where a big surprise awaited Miss Haley!


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