Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A post about nothing in particular

Having snow all weekend was so much fun. I loved staying home and organizing. I got to throw away so much stuff that I have been meaning to. Which meant I got to go buy fun organizational boxes and containers.


Austin is home! He got home yesterday after sitting off the coast since Saturday morning, since the base was closed and there was no one there to let the ship in. So, they anchored and did fun things like playing Monopoly.

He got home yesterday. Now he is back on the ship. Stupid duty.

Austin's duty rotation has the worst timing. He had duty Christmas Day (or would have if he wouldn't have taken leave), New Year's Eve and Valentine's day. Lame-o.


I love having Austin back. It is so weird to have to get used to him being gone ad back and gone and back and...

so on.


The dog is still wearing the cone of shame. Poor Mr. Bings. He broke the edge of the cone in the snow. He had his head in the snow for so long the plastic froze really hard, and then he rammed into my leg. The cone shattered in one spot.

I will be really glad when the cone is gone.


I went back to work today, it was fun to be back in routine. Not as fun as snow days, but still.


OSL is coming to town this weekend. I am excited. We will be missing some key people, like the Megans, and Corey, but it will be good to see old friends.


I started watching LOST again tonight. Oh, this show.


Now I am exhausted and my bed is beckoning. I will go curl up with my dog instead of my husband since he is on duty. It is hard to cuddle with a head surrounded in plastic cone, but I will try.

Good night.


Adam and Jessica

Glad to hear Austin is home, sorry to hear he had to be gone overnight again so soon! Bings looks so cute in the cone picture...at least his head will be healed soon. We are watching LOST too...but we're a bit behind...just started watching season 2! Can't wait to hang out this weekend, it will be fun to have out of towners around!

Megan My Dear

wish we Megans could be there to play too!

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