Friday, January 22, 2010

A big weekend

Today I find myself excited to go into this weekend, not because I will have a chance to relax and do nothing, but because I am excited about being productive!

I find myself much more productive when Austin isn't home. Usually because he isn't here to distract me with fun things that have nothing to do with my to-dos. {read: Rockband tours, going out to eat, or getting wrapped up in HBO movies - there are no commercials! You can't break away!}

On the to-do list for this weekend are many things that have just not been accomplished, lingering projects, like one specific lingering project that I must address. Publicly and shamefully.

I haven't sent out my wedding thank you cards.

I know! How could I be so brazenly unthankful???

Rest assured, it is not that I am not grateful, in fact every time that I use gifts from the wedding, I feel a little thrill go through me that someone knew me well enough to buy our food processor, or the lovely sheets I am putting on our bed...the list goes on.

And along with a little thrill comes a big blush of embarrassment across my face that the person who gifted that thing to me doesn't know just how grateful we are. I almost wish I could send a picture of me blushing with all of the thank yous, just so people would know.

The Thank Yous were started, waaay back when. Really they were. But then things mounted and mounted, and I didn't feel right about sending out some, but not all of the thank yous. {what if people talked to one another and someone felt unthanked?!}

But now everyone does, and there is no excuse. It has been this little monkey on my back for the last few months. My shameful secret.

But not anymore! This weekend, I declare it in front of the entire internet, every last one of those thank yous will be mailed.

Coming to a mailbox near you.

Very near you.

Like at the end of your driveway.

Happy Friday everyone!


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