Monday, July 13, 2009

A break

...from my "semi-retirement" to steal a phrase from my former supervisor, who is also job searching.

I am currently packing to head to Phi Tau Leadership Academy tomorrow morning!

A few weeks ago, when we were out and about looking at houses, I got a call from Wes, the IFC advisor at UGA. He is a Phi Kappa Tau (as is Austin) and has been in charge of Leadership Academy for a few years now. One of his Character Coaches had to drop out at the last second, and he wanted to know if I could volunteer!

After scrutinizing my very busy schedule (puh-lease) I, of course, agreed.

Now for all you non-Greek folks, some sort of (inter)national leadership training (in this case Leadership Academy) is common for (inter)national fraternities and sororities to have on the off years of their biannual conventions. Commonly (more so for fraternities than sororities) those organizations invite qualified and willing individuals to serve as facilitators for small group sessions, etc. (sororities often stick to the members only approach, not that those individuals are not also qualified). At Leadership Academy those facilitators are called "Character Coaches".

So, tomorrow morning I will be heading off to Oxford, Ohio for all sorts of Phi Tau fun (of which, Austin is insanely jealous, but it's ok because he got to go to Paris, of which I was très jaloux). I will be gone through Sunday night, at which time my parents and sister will be here to move Ashley to Virginia!!

I will be sure to take tons of pictures, as I am surrounded by a disproportionate amount of undergraduate fraternity boys men.

and I left my Sperry's in Wisconsin. However will we connect?



You will be a fantastic character coach. Please say hello to Oxford for me. I'm loving my semi-retirement but only two more weeks for me (will send email with details).


Oh no, not the sperry's!

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