Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick Life Updates!

Hello from the lovely land of Wisconsin everyone!

I thought I would shoot out some quick life updates, since our big announcement.


May 9
Courtney graduates with her M.Ed.
and proceeds to run through "The Arch" 
(which I had successfully avoided until they called my name and I returned that library book...) 
May 10
Mother's Day AND Mom's Birthday
Headed to Atlanta to visit the Aquarium and have some delicious Cheesecake Factory
May 12
Got in the car with Mom, Dad, Bings, luggage, all sorts of wedding stuff, and three bags of grass seed that they don't sell in the north, or at least in Chippewa...and headed to Wisconsin.
 May 16
Packed up family, yet again, headed north to Duluth, Minnesota to see my little sister graduate from the University of Minnesota - Duluth. Yay Ash! (even though it snowed. seriously.)

That is Ash on the right, with her college roommate of all four years, Sara, on the left. They were randomly matched as roommates freshman year, and Ash will be a bridesmaid in Sara's wedding this August.
and we proceeded to go out "Duluth-style" to a bar called "Grandma's" where we had a fab time
For the last couple of days my lovely sister and I have been running wedding errands and playing with Bings.
And now, you are up to date!


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