Sunday, November 23, 2008

Headed to the Big V-A!

We are so excited to get some time in Virginia this week!!

Unfortunately we can't leave until Wednesday morning {gotta save up that leave for wedding fun!} but we have some jam packed days of activities ahead of us!

On the to-do list:

  • Thanksgiving dinner. yum.
  • Midnight outlet shopping
  • Engagement Party {!!}
  • Diana's Baby Shower, or should I say little Miss Emma's Shower :)
  • OSL get together at Dan and Lisa's
  • Hittin up AJ GATOR'S with all my lovely old friends {for those of you not familiar with Great Brisdge, Virginia, AJ Gator's is a total townie bar...where we are destined to run into a million people that we haven't thought about -and probably forgot existed- since high school.}
I am getting so excited!!!

Now if I could only get this school work done and out of the way...grrr... 


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