Sunday, April 27, 2008

And he's off...

and is safely in RI.

We were so thankful that we got the chance to spend some time in Virginia with friends and family before taking him to the airport!

Friday we spent the day together and took some photos for him to take on his 13 week indoctrination...

We spent the day together doing fun things that we have missed since being in Georgia, i.e. eating at Perfectly Frank, going to the beach...just hanging out.

Friday night we went out to Plaza Azteca with a really fun group of about 25 people to send Austin off and wish him well :)

and then came...

Saturday! the big day!

We got up early and got to the airport in plenty of time...promptly upon our arrival we found that we could not check him in, because the Navy had yet to PAY FOR HIS TICKET!!!!

(ughh, welcome to the Navy!)

Austin jumped into action like crazy, calling numbers running for a fax was very impressive. In any case, it all got straightened out and he got on the plane in time and is safely in RI :)

This is our "before" shot at the airport...


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